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UNTITLED a genre busting film-noir thriller is the story of KURT LOVELL, a suddenly successful film producer on the verge of his biggest deal yet, running parallel to struggling screenwriter, TIMOTHY BARTEL’s screenplay named ‘ u n t i t l e d ’ when story notes given on Timothy’s script, shape the seven hours Kurt spends in his office alone.  


The ‘one man in a room’ concept, follows Kurt’s micro budget ethos as an indie film-producer in an indie film,  spinning his life to imitate art.  Although in his office alone, he is invaded by an unfulfilled wife, an obsessed writer-director, a drug dealing investor and an internet porn king, by way of texts, video calls, phone calls, emails and networking sites.


We watch his business deals, his life, his loves and his infidelities ludicrously unravel. Fuelled by success, cocaine, alcohol and sex and something diabolical in a bag, that pushes him further and further out of reality and into despair as he hurtles towards his big 6pm video call with the Hollywood executives, as we and Kurt, somehow try to decipher what is real and what is not.




A story that is firmly set in the very real world of theatrical indie filmmaking but is gradually nudged out of reality by Timothy’s script  'UNTITLED'  which seems to spiral Kurt’s day out of control, becoming a tale that somehow could only exist in the very movies Kurt makes. 


An homage to the film noir thriller, shot in slick and glorious black & white, less indie and more akin to celluloid classics of old, Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Persona’, Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ and even the low-budget noir-horror classic, ’Night Of The Living Dead’ which will give another nod to filmmaking, butting up against the very technology that twists and turns Kurt’s life. 



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