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 A U D I E N C E 

A man in a room, or just a small amount of characters in a small space isn’t uncommon in film. From Hitchock’s classic 'Rear Window’ a man in an apartment,’  Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’ five guys in a garage, to the electrifying ‘Buried,’ basically a man in a box, and to the more recent ‘Locke’ starring Tom Hardy, a dramatic look at a man who’s life is coming apart in real time on his car journey home.  Gripping stories that pull you this way and that, that take you on a journey driven relentlessly by story and character proving time and time again that ‘story’ has always been and will always be, ‘king’.

Films about filmmaking, (although an apparent ‘no-no’ on the inside) have been with us forever too. We've enjoyed and marvelled at stories about the story makers and what it takes to put them on the screen. ‘Barton Fink,’ the Cohen Brother’s dark look at a writer being swallowed up by Hollywood, or Altman’s ‘The Player’, arguably one of the greatest, twisted Hollywood tales. And maybe the closest to ‘UNTITLED’  in it’s grass roots concept, the surreal and sublime ‘Adaptation’, surely one of the cleverest  stories about the journey of the struggling screenwriter and his work surrounded by a very surreal but strangely real world.

‘ UNTITLED ’ embodies all of the above and still manages to remain original and true to its story. A thriller that lurches out of nowhere and grabs you from behind just when you thought it was something else.  A dark look at the world of filmmaking & screenwriting, a slick twisted and original thriller turned on it’s head and eating itself inside out. 

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