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 T H E  F I L M M A K E R S 

Chris Loizou

Writer, Director, Producer

CHRIS LOIZOU started his career working as a costume designer and supervisor on feature films before moving into production to produce music videos and commercials for the likes of ‘Space’ the 'The Spice Girls' ‘Ocean Colour Scene’ and 'Echo & The Bunny-men'.















After writing a series of comedy commercials for leisure giant ‘Centerparcs', Chris's first spec feature film script 'Neighbourhood' was optioned by 'AVA' films in London. More options followed including a spec high concept comedy titled 'Il Bambino' for Parallel Films. & a Uk based romantic comedy titled ‘Seeing Iris’. He was then hired to write a music based CG cartoon series titled  'Freephonix' for Universal & BBC Worldwide. This lead to a commission from one of the worlds oldest film companies 'Nordisk Film' to write a screenplay about a rapper from the provinces titled ‘H.O.P.e’. Chris then worked with various production companies on concept ideas for feature film and TV projects.


After directing segments for The  Paramount Comedy Channel's “30 Years Of Python” with comedy legend, Michael Palin, Chris then directed the commercial spot “Jack & Danni” one of the nominated for “Best New Director” at the Cannes Advertising Festival and featured on ITV's “Tarrant On TV” & Tv’s “Worlds Sexiest Ads”. Directing music videos followed for “The Lost Brothers” titled “CryLittle Sister” a club twist on the original theme from the 80's vampire classic “The Lost Boys”. The video was voted an ‘instant classic’ on “VIDEO-C” which led to Chris being hired to write the treatment for the feature film sequel ‘The Lost Boys 2’ for the Warner Brothers Studio.


In 2010 Chris Loizou’s short film drama “LOST NIGHT” was officially selected for a number of UK and international film festivals and was in competition at the ‘New York Independent International Film Festival’ the ‘L.A International Film Festival’ & ‘The Amarista British Film Festival’ in Los Angeles and was also nominated for the prestigious ‘Iris Prize’. 



Writer,Director,Producer Chris loizou

Michael Capon 


Chris has recently adapted the novel ‘The Riot Act’ by Jon Stock for ‘Last Straw Productions’ starring and produced by Anthony LaPaglia scheduled to go into production in 2016 and a untitled hit-man action thriller for the makers of “Two Guns”. Chris has recently had his cross-dressing comedy ‘All Dressed UP’ optioned and will be Chris' second feature film.

MICHAEL CAPON has a wealth of experience in both production and VFX industries. He has produced commercial campaigns and digital content for a number of major blue chip companies, and agencies including Panasonic, Shell, Ikea, Royal Bank of Scotland, Suzuki, DSG, Bel Foods, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Scottish & Newcastle and Coca Cola. Michael was Head of Production for VTR (now prime focus), seven of those years at Board level where he built strong, and sustained relationships with global brands, agencies, and production companies. 














Moving from post production to producing live action for a diverse range of clients. He has shot in numerous locations across the globe, with a thorough understanding of both the technical and administrative processes of both production and post production.

Producer Mike Capon

FEDERICO ALFONZO is a well respected and prolific commercial Director of Photography who’s work includes the TV and cinema campaigns of Hyundai, Mazda, Vodafone, McDonalds and St John's Ambulance which was a 3 x Gold Arrow Winner in 2013, one for cinematography. Along with his stellar commercial work, Federico has also earned his respect as a drama DOP with his most recent work as the Director of photography on the award winning BBC drama comedy  - 


Federico Alfonzo


DOP Federico Alfonzo

 ‘Roger & Val Have Just Got In’ starring Alfred Molina and Dawn French and directed by Jamie Rafn.  Val (French) is a food technology teacher and Roger (Alfred Molina) is fighting dismissal from his job as a botanist. Each episode starts with them arriving home, followed by half an hour of real-time married life in their private space where Fede created some beautiful and sometimes touching cinematography and was almost a pre-cursor to his much anticipated work on ‘untitled’.

Myles Grimsdale

Production Designer

MYLES GRIMSDALE has worked in design for over 20 years, starting at The Royal Shakespeare Company and graduating from Central St. Martin’s School of Art, London. He has worked as a production designer for: Jonathan Sagall’s ‘Lipstikka’, ‘Macleans Dancing on Ice’ Tv promos, Liam Garvo’s ‘Breathe’ & ‘The Why Men’. Art direction for: Spielberg’s ‘Catch Me if You Can’, Costume design for: Tim Burton’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ and David Fincher’s ‘Panic Room’. 

Myles has also worked as stylist on several advertising promos including ‘The Gap’ campaigns directed by The Coen Brothers, Cameron Crowe and Roman Cappola. Feature film editorial promotions for ‘Oceans Twelve’ with Brad Pitt, and  costume design for the Coldplay 'Twisted Logic Tour 2005' and personal designs for celebrities including: Orlando Bloom, Justin Timberlake and Jude Law. Myles has a unique vision and will be designing the production from set to costumes.

Producion Designer Myles Grimsdale
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